Monday, 8 September 2014

Chasing your ambitions

Hey there peeps! It has been a long time since i posted something on this blog! I was so busy with schools and exams.I am quite stressed up lately.So i used this time to update my "DEAD" blog! okay time check its 10.39pm,i am writing to you all.

Okay today i am going to talk about "Chasing your ambitions".
Many of you here have been wondering about what are you going to be in the future.
Some of your ambitions are probably common and sensible.
Like for example,a doctor,lawyer or maybe a teacher.These ambitions are usually 100% supported by your parents.

Well some of you may want to be a singer,dancer,or maybe an actor.
These ambitions are usually almost all our parents will reject to the idea of becoming one.
It is kind of sad to see that something that you have been dreaming of has destroyed.

As for my ambitions,i have always wanted to become a baker.I would like to open a shop at London.
I want to name it "Dyla's Delights". Yeah that's it.
I do not expect for high-paying jobs.All i wanted to do is to is to make people happy.
I want to feel the happiness whenever they enter my shop and eat my foods.
I will feel happy if i am able to do that one day.

Well,from my parents opinion,i can see that they are not agreeable to my decision.
I have to listen to whatever they say,i have to follow everything.
It is quite saddening though.
All my life,i have been telling them that i wanted to become a baker.
I just feel that the world will come crashing down if i am not allowed to become a baker.

As for those who really want to continue chasing their ambitions,you can but you also have to listen to parents advice. Parents always want the best for you.
No matter what,you have to respect them.They are the one who brought you up.
They know you better.

So,i wished all of you the best of luck!
Please do not disappoint yourself or your parents.
Do your best and i am sure you will become a successful person one day.
Okay here is two  important quotes for you