Monday, 21 October 2013

HI there peeps! It has been a long time since i updated my blog.
I was busy preparing for my national exams.Since exams are over,i have now all the time to myself.
I know i should be working right now but my parents do not allow me to.
Guess i just had to rot at home doing nothing.

So talking about exams,Oh my god!
It was okay and manageable but i was so disappointed with my English and History.
I swear it was the worst that i have ever did.
I am really panic right now and i just had to wait for the results.

So right now, Skyping with my friends.
It has been long time,i miss talking to them.
Although we are in the same school,we rarely get to meet each other.
We had different timetables and even during recesses,we don't see each other at all.

Actually i am not missing school at all,i just missed my friends and some of my classmates.
I guess 2 weeks ago was the last time i am meeting them since i am not going to Graduation Night.
I am going off to Australia for a month or two maybe.
I miss my grandparents so much.It's very hard to meet them as they always go back to Australia.
They are starting to love Australia.i bet they are deciding to migrate soon.

Yeaah,okay time check its 1.39am.I have few topics to talk about.So got to go! Adios Amigos! hehe :)