Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hey there people! Oh my gosh,school is opened tomorrow.I cannot believe it.Actually it has officially started school for the graduating classes but because of the haze PSI was getting higher,so they cancelled.To be honest,i have done all my homework but i did not any revision for my Prelim phase 2.

School.What is a school?school is an institution designed for the teaching of students  under the direction of teachers.I guess school is hell as we are all controlled by teachers.i was just kidding.haha.

Sometimes i feel that school is both good and boring.It all depends on the subject that we like it or not.Also it depends on the teacher too.Some teachers are forever the happy-go-lucky one which closes one eye in everything the students do and their lessons are fun too.Some teachers are really very kind but some are really in sick in the head.I do not understand why teachers are like that and like this.

Some teachers are kind and understanding.Whenever we do not understand something well although it;s being teach and emphasize a few times,they still understand that we students is not 100 percent smart.But some teachers,omg seriously they are sick in the head.They expect us to understand everything they teach at once.They need to know that not all students are faster learner.

I am a faster learner but i will forgot if i do not revise it once or twice a week.It is very complicated being a student but at the same time it has its advantages.But i feel that school is the most important place for you to gain knowledge and learn new things.It is also not easy for teachers to teach us.

Some students are also sick in the butt.They think they know everything.They will try to make up something in order to get attention.To be honest,i think they do not have any attention at home.That is why they need to change their freaking attitude.

This also can caused the whole class be affected.When one student gets into trouble,the whole class gets scolded.All for one,one for all.What kind of bullshit is this??It is not unfair for the other students.So that is why students do not like to go to school because of this.

Another thing is the girls and boys who think they are the prince and princesses at school.They think that what ever they say,people will listen to them.That is also another thing why students do not like to go school.

But at the same time,if there would not have this kind of people in our would be boring and dull.There would be no challenging problems to solves and obstacles to go through.Although it makes our life a bit miserable,in the end,you know you can handle these kind of people in the future.

So that is all for today.I will try to make my time to update my blog tomorrow! Bye! ADIOS AMIGOS!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Mother's Love

Hi there.Actually for today,i want to talk about ---> Mother's love
I know many of you out there love your mother.Mother's love is the most powerful thing that you can get.Friends love or your love of your life is nothing compared to mother's love.

Whenever you have problems in school,life and more,your mother is always there for you.We must realize that our mother has put a lot through us just to make us happy and satisfied.Our mother is the most important person in our lives.They are the reason why we live now.

When the first time,they know when they are pregnant,their hearts fill with joy.They have to carry you everywhere inside her body.And it;s not easy to move around with that huge stomach on their body.They have to bear the pain for nine months.During the nine months,they make sure their child is being taken care properly.They also make sure you are healthy.

And when the time comes,they need to go through another more pain when they are giving birth.It is not easy to give birth.Some mother may even die as they lose a lot of blood when they give birth.We need to appreciate what our mother has sacrifice for us.

These days,teenagers do not spend with their mother.They feel it's very embarrassed when they go out with their families.They prefer going out with friends.As for me,although going out friends will not restricted you from doing anything or saying some bad word,i feel going out with families is better.You know why,because parents have the money!

Whenever i ask for something,they will buy provided i do well for my exams or do something for them.I am not saying that when i am with my parents,i want to ask them for money and be independent on them.I just feel that when i am with my families,i can bond with them and can learn new things from them.

i admit that sometimes i will be not listening to her.i will be upset with her.I was so upset with her that my voice raised higher a bit.I regret what i did to my mother.I realize now that our mother has do a lot of things for us.Whenever she wants something,i will make sure she get what you want.

I know this is a sensitive question for some of you out there.Some of you does not have a mother.Let me tell you that whoever who takes care,love them as if the person is your mum or dad.Doing simple things also can make them happy.You do not need to spend a lot of money just to make them happy.Just make something which is sweet and simple.

Just remember,appreciate your mother.Love your mother as much as you love yourself.
Okay that is all for today.Bye!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hey there everyone! Time check it's 5:03pm.So today i update a bit later.I was having some spring cleaning in the house.Today's we will talking about---> Travelling
A lot of you out there really want to travel around the world.

Travelling around the world is the most exciting experience.I have always wanted to travel around the world with my friends or maybe alone.I just want to get out of my country.I am just sick and tired doing the same old routine.I want to explore around the world.

Travelling has its advantages and disadvantages.Okay let's start with the good first.The advantages are you get to learn different types of culture and tradition in the country itself.The best part is the food.You get to taste thousands different types of food which is spicy,sour,sweet and bitter.You will also get to interact with new people.You can also learn their language.By doing this,a lot of things you have gained.

The disadvantages are you need money to travel.There is a lot to pay.For example the flight tickets,the hotel,the food,the clothes and many more.You need to have a large amount of money in order to travel.It is not easy to get money.You have to earn it.

People has different opinions about travelling.i love to travel.Someday i want to travel around the world with my loved ones.I have a lot of people have used travelling as their hobby.Every year,they will go different countries to explore around.If you are not the type of backpacker person,be prepare,you need a large amount of money.Backpackers are usually on a form of low cost,independent international travelling.They will travel on their own without any guide.They will stay at a small cottage or a motel.They love travelling on their own.

So what is your opinion of travelling? Everybody has their own opinion.So if u have anything to say,comment below.Bye! :)

Monday, 24 June 2013


Hi there everyone! Time check 12:32pm.It has been two days i did not update my blog.I have been going out with my family and has some gathering session with my cousins. 
So today's topic--->Vampire

So talking about vampire.Some of you may think it does or does not exist.Some of you may even want to be a vampire.As you know that vampire does not age and lives forever.They don't need food,water,sleep and air.The just drink blood in order to get their strength.

I am not sure about their power and strength.They all had their own power and strength.They too have their weakness.They can't have everything at once.To be honest,i do watch the twilight series.When i first watched it,i felt that it's cool to be a vampire but when times come,you do not get to enjoy what humans have.

Although they have almost everything,they can't really enjoy what human have.They need to control their thirst of wanting to drink the human blood.When they are in the sun,their appearance changed.I am not really sure whether the twilight series is real or not. Stephenie Meyer told that i was just some imagination that she created herself.

Some of you may think that reading the book is better than watching the movie or the other way round.I prefer both.I read and watch to compare both.Vampire are always pale and cold.No matter what activities they do or how fast they run,no sweat would come out.

What i was thinking that,i think all of us are vampire.Your body needs blood.If your body does not have enough blood,you would die.Ironic isn't it. I just realized that when i was learning some first aid skills,they said when the blood is flowing out very quickly.

I am not sure why i am into vampire stuffs.I went to the website to search any strange ways humans behaving like a vampire.This is the link--->
I have check it out and i almost have all the traits and the behaviour.I did not say all,ALMOST :)
Yeah,i have tried asking some people and they told me maybe i was a vampire in the past or my familes in the past are one.Hahah nahh i just want a simple life.Just me and my family.

So that's all i have to write for today! If u hav any comments,just comment below :) gotta go! Byeeee( in a soft voice)

Friday, 21 June 2013


Hi guys! Time check its 1:53pm.I am so sorry if i did update my blog yesterday.I was busy studying and completing my assignments.Today's topic--->Love

I have not experienced love yet.But i know love can be with your family,friends and love of your life.
Is love precious or poisonous? Different people has their own opinion.Everybody needs some love or not their would be incomplete.As for me,i think it's not the right time to be in love with someone.I am still young.I still want to explore what ever that i have not discovered yet.I need to learn more new things.

But at the same time,it's not wrong to be in love with someone,provided that you and your partner need to be sincere when you are in a relationship.I know it's not easy to maintain a healthy relationship because many obstacles and challenges are all around.A lot of people dreamed of true love in fantasy world.I don't think having a fantasy world would not be fun and challenging.Sometimes by arguing with your partner,you or your partner what are the strengths and weaknesses.

There is a lot of couples out there whom has  successfully created a long and happy marriage.They have kids.They bring their kids to places.Growing up every second,minute and hour with their kids.
There is nothing wrong to be in love.One thing,we also can't force people to be in love.Love comes naturally.In the olden days,people do not believe in love.Parents tend to find their child a partner.Some of them did not before.Not even once.They will only know when they get married.That's quite scary.

Those who reading this if you have experienced love,maybe it's a blessing for you.Those who have not like me,we will just wait for your prince charming or beautiful princess out there.Love is also not about the looks and appearance.Love is blind.People love because of their partner's pure and kind heart.Some couples both have the good looks.Maybe it's a bonus for them.No matter how and what you look,you are still a human.Remember that,don't stop believing in yourself.

Okay,That's all for today.I'll be updating more again tomorrow.Bye! Comment below if you have anything! 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What if toys could talk?

Imagine in a rainy and dark night,Black clouds loomed over the horizon. Lightning flashed, followed by thunderous roars.The door was creaking and the wind was howling.Then in a sudden,your teddy bear appeared in front of you asking "Can i cuddle with you?" 

What would you react?Would you say Yes? or freak out?or have a tight slap on your face?

At first you will be freak out,but after that you realize that talking to a soft toys is better than talking to humans out there.You could share your problems and when the times you realized your "True" friends is really sincere or not to be friends with you.Maybe your toys would also have tips and may help you to solve problems.

I have a toy with me since i was born on the earth.Sometimes i wished he would talk to me.We would be making jokes.Maybe if he is too dumb,i would hit him and say "You little fool!" But i know it would be impossible to have that.Toys are meant to be stationary and it is a non-living thing.

But sometimes toys can be scary.Sometimes,you would watch horror movies that include the toys as the characters.For example,Chucky! That is the scariest movie that i have ever watch.I even had a nightmare on the night itself.I dreamt that my toys could talk and they planned to kill me.It was so scary that i almost died out of fright.From then on,i would not dare to watch Chucky again.

Yeah,So in your opinion.Do you prefer them talking to you or just stay stationary?For me i prefer actually the toy talking to me but in a good way and i only wanted certain toys that can talk to me.Maybe the toys have some magic powers that can give anything you want.Haha that sounds like aladdin and the lamp.If they did,i would ask for my family to be happy or score well for my national and more.That would be great if it is true

Okay i guess i will end here.Guys,you can continue your imagination but not for too long.Remember it's reality not fantasy.If fantasy does exist,tell me as soon as possible.So,if u have anything to tell,comment below and i will reply :)

Bye! Adios! 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hi everyone! I am writing again today.Okay,time check it's 2:16pm.
The weather is very hazy outside.I can't even go out.Whenever i try to go out,i will have breathing difficulty.This is not good.The PSI is increasing.I heard that Indonesia's PSI is 312.That is really hazardous and really unhealthy.And they are closing down school! Omg so good!
Okay today i start off with the topic--->Ambitions
I guess a lot of you out there have dreams and ambitions to become somebody.
Ambition,what is ambitions? They are something that you really want to achieve whether now or the future.Ambitions does not mean that you want to be a doctor,teacher or whatever.Ambitions can be something you want to achieve now like having straight As for your national exams or you want to make someone happy by showering love and care towards that person.
Having ambitions is important.It shows you have a vision for yourself.But before achieving your ambitions,you have to do a lot of things!Some of them are not easy.There are challenges and obstacles along the way.You cannot expect to be someone or somebody just like that.You have to work hard towards that goal.
For example if you want to be a teacher,a science teacher.From the start when you are in the lower level of education,you need to have good grades for all your subjects especially Science.As you level up to the next education,you get to choose what course or subjects do you like.So at that point,you'll pick Science.From that on,you have to start learning new things and improve your knowledge on science.You have to do your assignments given and make sure your assignment is in tip-top condition,no sloppy work.It's very easy.You just have to do your work and constantly ask questions when in doubt.Then the last level of education that determines whether you will be a teacher or not which is the university.
University? It's a place where you received your higher level of education.It also determines whether you are qualified to be someone or somebody.
So when you are in university,do the best you can and you'll achieve of being a science teacher.Well it is not easy also to get into universities.Some universities priorities those who have higher and good grades.For example a scenario where two girls wanted to apply the same university.The first girl got a GPA of 3.90 and the other one got 3.88.So they applied and wait for the reply.The girl with the higher GPA will get in even though it is just 0.2 points away.The standards of university is getting higher.
Yeah,so i know you people out there have ambitions and you really want to achive it!
Tell you what! i believe in you and i know you can do it!
Okay that's all for today! Comment anything you want below if u have any doubts! :)
So! BYE! have a nice day everyone! Remember there's haze outside! Stay home if you do not want to get sick!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Siblings Rivalry

Hi there! i am writing again.Okay time check it's 10:13am.Woah i usually up at around 11 to 12.bad isn't it.But it's not only me,ya know! You guys out there do that to right??!! hahah okay i was just kidding.Okay today topic---> Sibling Rivalry.
Okay,i guess a lot of you out there will have a fight with your siblings sometimes.I do and we fight several times.Me and my sister are always fighting.Our age are like 7 years apart.That's quite far uh! 
For me,we will always fight because i feel that mum always gives her more attention to my sister than me.Sometimes i feel that i can only rely on my close friends.But family will always be there for you.You can't trust your friend really well.You can lose friends,love of your life(boyfriend?girlfriend? DUH!) and others but if you lose your family,trust me,your world will fall apart.
Some of you out there,if u have no siblings,i guess you have a boring life!okay no offence but yeah.I have been that for 7 years.I have been talking and playing alone.No one to talk to.But the good thing about being only child,you get almost everything that you want.Gadgets,clothes and more stuffs.
I have always wanted older brother or sister.Someone i can rely on.Being the eldest,I have to do everything myself. i have to do my sister stuff too! Like washing my shoe and hers too.I do not know why is her shoe so dirty and i have to scrub it off to make clean ad white.!UGHH!
This is unfair! But sometimes,it's a good thing too.As my sister is the youngest,i will always ask her to take stuffs like the tissue box,stool,books and more.She will grumble and say why must she do it.Then i will say that because you are the youngest and you have to follow instructions from the eldest.HAHAHA that is funny.
Siblings will always fight and play together.If there is no fights in between,life would be boring and we would not learn from our mistake.Siblings will also share good's nice to have good memories together as it helps to bond with each other.People out there,i hope you like about this sibling rivalry topic.If you have any tips or problems to say.Comment below and i will reply! BYE! :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Two-faced people

Hi everyone.i created this blog because i was feeling very upset.I am actually upset with two-faced people.Okay,everyone is two-faced include me.But i will only do that when the person deserved it.In this world,everything has changed.The society really is the "spoiler".Everywhere you go,people will judge.Sometimes i feel that it's not worth living anymore and sometimes i feel like running away without turning back.I made this blog so that i can express my feelings.I do not have anyone to express to.In fact,when i try to express something,i will end up getting scolded or being teased.To me,i do not really believe in getting a boyfriend and then express all your feelings or whatever.NO! I am more to being alone.Okay,some people do not like being alone.It's their opinion,we can't force them.Sometimes i envy people who are "perfect". I know that We are not perfect,but we can try to make all perfect.I have no idea what am I in the future later on.sighhh
I guess being alone is not that good.Okay back to two-faced people......
Two-faced.....hmmm i guess it's people with two faces,one bad and one "good".I put this " because two faced people are mainly the bad ones.They will try to be nice to you to take advantage and then at the back,they teased and talked bad about you.I am sick and tired of two-faced people.What did i do wrong that they wanted to use me??? Anybody feels that?And the worse thing is,the two-faced person will get reward while you are being teased or whatever.This is really unfair! I have made a mistake by trusting my "friend".
I remember her saying "I promise i will help you." Reality really ruined my life.She lef me alone and start talking bad about me.I could not concentrate on my studies as i was alone and had nobody to talk to.I would feel sad and scared whenever i stepped into the school.My life in misery when i stepped into the school.I did not do really well.I went into a normal neighbourhood school.My parents was disappointed especially my mum.She kept comparing me to my cousins and other student.The worse was my cousins! The next year,my cousin took the same exam and he scored really well.My self-esteem was really low.My aggregate was the lowest among my cousins.At first i felt nothing.It's not my fault.I tried to tell them what had happened but it was a failure.I got scolded and they pressurize me.Now my sister is in primary 3.In 3 years time,she'll be taking the same exam.She just got back her results,she got 4th in class.Mum was happy.She bought my sister a lot of things the next day.I told my mum if she had bought any for me.She just kept quiet and went into her room.I feel like crying out loud.My hatred towards my sister was increasing.I felt like a fire burning in my heart.i remember when my mum said to the family."I love my children and my love for them is equal". I remember the words that she say.You're kidding me right,mum. 
Now things have changed,Modern and technology have changed people.In fact,i am using technology to type these words.So i guess i have to end here.I have more stories coming up soon.So Bye! i hope you liked it.Comment below if u have anything to say. :)