Monday, 8 September 2014

Chasing your ambitions

Hey there peeps! It has been a long time since i posted something on this blog! I was so busy with schools and exams.I am quite stressed up lately.So i used this time to update my "DEAD" blog! okay time check its 10.39pm,i am writing to you all.

Okay today i am going to talk about "Chasing your ambitions".
Many of you here have been wondering about what are you going to be in the future.
Some of your ambitions are probably common and sensible.
Like for example,a doctor,lawyer or maybe a teacher.These ambitions are usually 100% supported by your parents.

Well some of you may want to be a singer,dancer,or maybe an actor.
These ambitions are usually almost all our parents will reject to the idea of becoming one.
It is kind of sad to see that something that you have been dreaming of has destroyed.

As for my ambitions,i have always wanted to become a baker.I would like to open a shop at London.
I want to name it "Dyla's Delights". Yeah that's it.
I do not expect for high-paying jobs.All i wanted to do is to is to make people happy.
I want to feel the happiness whenever they enter my shop and eat my foods.
I will feel happy if i am able to do that one day.

Well,from my parents opinion,i can see that they are not agreeable to my decision.
I have to listen to whatever they say,i have to follow everything.
It is quite saddening though.
All my life,i have been telling them that i wanted to become a baker.
I just feel that the world will come crashing down if i am not allowed to become a baker.

As for those who really want to continue chasing their ambitions,you can but you also have to listen to parents advice. Parents always want the best for you.
No matter what,you have to respect them.They are the one who brought you up.
They know you better.

So,i wished all of you the best of luck!
Please do not disappoint yourself or your parents.
Do your best and i am sure you will become a successful person one day.
Okay here is two  important quotes for you

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Feelings and Emotions

Hi there peeps.
I am so sorry that i did not update my blog.I was quite busy with my school and exams.
I am really stress these few months.Everything had in my way.
Well so today I am going to talk about FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS

Everyone here has feelings and emotions.Whatever you do,it will affect those both factors.
What you feel right now may affect how you react and most importantly how you will overcome it.
We have a lot of feelings and emotions like happy,sad,angry and etc.
All of us experienced that.It is no wonder that the world is full of feelings and emotions.
If u do not have any feelings and emotions,you are just the same as a non-living object.
Even animals have feelings,they cry when they lose something and when they are happy,they give gestures and also show happy body language.
I know those who are reading this may feel happy,sad,angry or etc.

So actually i started this blog when i was having mixed feelings.
I was sad and angry at the same time.Everyone around me look down on me.
I do not have someone to hear out my problems and cries.
So i started this blog to express all my feelings.If this is the first time you are reading my blog,i suggest you to read all the topics that i write.
Read them,probably if you are a college student or still studying,you may use some points in my blog.
I am okay with it.

So How is life been going on?Great or nah?
So are you happy or sad? Is it about Family?Friends?
Well Life gives you lemon sometimes.
It's either you will taste it or squeeze it.
Everything you do has its advantages and disadvantages.
The decision you make will not always the right one.
You also need guidance and answers to make your own decision like support from family and peers.
So do not always follow your feelings and emotions blindly.
Listen to your heart.

That is all i have for today.Got to go! TOODLES :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hello peeps.How is life been going on??
Have u heard about MH370 news!It is really a saddening story.
We all have to just pray so that they will come back :'(
As for those who are missing their loved one,please don't be sad.Please be strong.
You need to carry on with your life.I hope they will come back as soon as possible.
My heart broke listening to the stories.They miss their loved ones so much and cannot bear to lose them.Lets hope for the best because all of us are waiting for your arrival.
I am sorry for those who are feeling sad.
I do not know what to do with my life if it were to happens to me.Just keep praying.
I love you guys so much.

I found this on google.Credits to whoever draw this.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hi there everyone.How ya doing so far in 2014??
Was it fun,boring?? 
Yeah,to be honest i am not having a good time in the year of 2014.Everything makes me feel so angry.I don't know but i think i have gotten into level depression.DONT MISUNDERSTOOD ME,I don't CUT. see that i don't.
I do not why this year i am always getting angry for no reason.I do not like this. i want to go back to the old me where i do not get angry and feeling happy-go-lucky all the time.
Well i just got scolded by my parents for "voicing out my opinions" 
What is life.They asked me for my opinions and all i got back is scolding.They start comparing to the olden days and now. I really don't understand why my parents always want their generation to be the same as now.They need to realize that time has pass on.Things have changed.
Even the value of money has changed.Its getting higher and higher every century.
In terms of behaviour,yes i know they want to our behaviour to be as good as them.but you know what the parents,teachers,peers is putting the pressure on us.They expect us to achieve everything in one shot.
Yeah now in school,i am so lonely.I feel that my friends are moving apart from me each day.I talked to them and they start saying they are busy but when i see in twitter,they are having a "GREAT" conversation with their new friends.I remembered last time when i say to them "Please don't forget me when you have new friends" and they go on saying "Of course i won't! I won't forget you!"
See the point now.You know sometimes i have the urge to just jump down from the building or starved myself.I just don't know what to do with my life.
I feel that life chosen me.I have dreams and hopes i want to achieve but seeing the situation like that is not going to work.
I have no one to talk to.My school counselor is definitely not going to help me solve my problems.They make things worst by informing my parents,teacher and everybody. What is the use of telling my problems to a is meant to be private.Such a waste of time.
I guess that my life is ruined.Everything is ruined. Help me get out of this situation because it is getting teared inside. I can break down anytime soon.
So i have been listening to Bon Jovi songs lately and Bon Jovi has helped me cool down abit.Yeah so here is a song for ya all to listen if u are feeling angry.
Gotta go! Bye!! ENJOY LISTENING TO IT! (those who have not listen to it,feel free to listen to it) 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Hi babes and dudes! Haha
I am here back with another topic.
I guess all of you reading this loves music a lot.

I really love to listen to music.And i love to sing too.
In fact i sing everyday.
When there is new song that comes out and i like it,i will definitely memorize the lyrics.
I memorize lyrics really fast.Well i listen to the song almost every minute and Bamm.
Well there is many types of music. 
We all here got their own opinions and choices of music.Its up to them.

As for me I love Hip Hop,Pop and some of the oldies.
I just finished memorizing the song "You are the one that i want" by Grease.
The song is so awesome.I literally sang the whole song myself.

Actually i have always been wanting to perform at school or somewhere.
But nahhh my voice,URGH
If you all hear it,maybe i sound like a dying whale.
Maybe i am not born to have a good voice.
Yeah currently i am hearing the song "Bills,Bills,Bills" by Destiny Child
I am trying to memorize the lyrics because the pace is so fast.
Omg,i have to catch my breath when i am singing the song.

oh and oh,i want to perform acapella with my friends.
I can like harmonize well in the background vocal.
yeah so that is all i have to say.
I am really so stressed so i do not really have the time to write.
I guess that all.Bye!

Here is a song for you to listen.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Its been a long time since i updated this blog.I am actually looking for a part time job since the school holiday has already started.I have applied a lot and one have called.But too bad,my parents won't let me work at the hotel :(

So i have decided to just rot at home,doing nothing.I am just going to eat and sleep.
I really don't know what topic to talk about.I really need some ideas.Actually,i am feeling quite sad.
That is why,i rely on my blog to let out all my feelings.
I guess not many people read my blog.So those who have been reading my blog,thank you very much and i appreciate it.

So speaking about school holidays,as you know,i am 16 this year.We are having Graduation Night aka Prom Night.To me,it is a not a Prom Night.We are not dancing,date or dressing up like royal princess!
For god sake,its Graduation Night,a night where we meet our friends for the last time and cherish the moments we had.That is all.
But i am not going anyway.I would be outcast anyway.To be honest,I am not a person who socialize well.I tend to be alone.That sounds like a loner,hah!

Well,i do not have the self-esteem and confidence in me.The level of confidence is ultimately super extremely 100% low. Woah,that's bad!
And we had to dressed up a bit. I do not like wearing dress and skirts.
Apart from school,i always wear jeans.ALL THE TIME!
i emphasize that,ALL THE TIME. heh :)

It's weird that i can dressed up people well an choose outfits for them,but not for myself.
I tend to wear the same thing or dressed up in a simple way.
I do not have the sense of fashion okay! Do not laugh at me!
One more thing,i am not into make-up and stuffs.
I do not wear make-up,lipstick,eyeliner or whatever whenever i go out.
I just don't know why.It's just me and my face.

Maybe i am not into these stuffs yet.Maybe it is not the right time yet.
And i am not into having relationship!EEEERRRR.
Who likes me anyway?
I look like a POTATO walking around the streets.HAHA
If you would see me in real,you would be shocked to find this blogger is UGLLYYY!
HAHHA! yeah.that is all i have to say!
Got to go! Will write in more soon!
BYE! Here's a video for you to watch.

Monday, 21 October 2013

HI there peeps! It has been a long time since i updated my blog.
I was busy preparing for my national exams.Since exams are over,i have now all the time to myself.
I know i should be working right now but my parents do not allow me to.
Guess i just had to rot at home doing nothing.

So talking about exams,Oh my god!
It was okay and manageable but i was so disappointed with my English and History.
I swear it was the worst that i have ever did.
I am really panic right now and i just had to wait for the results.

So right now, Skyping with my friends.
It has been long time,i miss talking to them.
Although we are in the same school,we rarely get to meet each other.
We had different timetables and even during recesses,we don't see each other at all.

Actually i am not missing school at all,i just missed my friends and some of my classmates.
I guess 2 weeks ago was the last time i am meeting them since i am not going to Graduation Night.
I am going off to Australia for a month or two maybe.
I miss my grandparents so much.It's very hard to meet them as they always go back to Australia.
They are starting to love Australia.i bet they are deciding to migrate soon.

Yeaah,okay time check its 1.39am.I have few topics to talk about.So got to go! Adios Amigos! hehe :)