Thursday, 17 April 2014

Feelings and Emotions

Hi there peeps.
I am so sorry that i did not update my blog.I was quite busy with my school and exams.
I am really stress these few months.Everything had in my way.
Well so today I am going to talk about FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS

Everyone here has feelings and emotions.Whatever you do,it will affect those both factors.
What you feel right now may affect how you react and most importantly how you will overcome it.
We have a lot of feelings and emotions like happy,sad,angry and etc.
All of us experienced that.It is no wonder that the world is full of feelings and emotions.
If u do not have any feelings and emotions,you are just the same as a non-living object.
Even animals have feelings,they cry when they lose something and when they are happy,they give gestures and also show happy body language.
I know those who are reading this may feel happy,sad,angry or etc.

So actually i started this blog when i was having mixed feelings.
I was sad and angry at the same time.Everyone around me look down on me.
I do not have someone to hear out my problems and cries.
So i started this blog to express all my feelings.If this is the first time you are reading my blog,i suggest you to read all the topics that i write.
Read them,probably if you are a college student or still studying,you may use some points in my blog.
I am okay with it.

So How is life been going on?Great or nah?
So are you happy or sad? Is it about Family?Friends?
Well Life gives you lemon sometimes.
It's either you will taste it or squeeze it.
Everything you do has its advantages and disadvantages.
The decision you make will not always the right one.
You also need guidance and answers to make your own decision like support from family and peers.
So do not always follow your feelings and emotions blindly.
Listen to your heart.

That is all i have for today.Got to go! TOODLES :)