Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hello there! It has been a long time since i updated my blog.I am so sorry for those who always check out my blog.Time check it is 11:27pm.I decided to update before i go to sleep.Since it is fasting month,i have to wake up at 4 to have my food.Yeah so it has 8 days i fast.It was great and i think i lost some weight! WOOHOO!

okay i just heard few days ago that Cory Monteith died due to overdose of drugs.I was devastated when i heard that.I am #Gleek. I remember watching glee every week without missing any episode.During the June holidays,i even re-watched it again and again.He is too young to be gone.I wonder Lea Michele is feeling right now.They are supposed to get married in two weeks time.

I saw a tweet saying,she is supposed to wear white and say i do but now she has to wear black saying goodbye.It is really sad when i read that.If it was me,i guess i'll cry everyday.To be honest,i am a weak person.I can't bear to lose my loved ones.Everyday i will wake up only realizing that this is reality and he is gone.

Condolences to Cory Monteith family.I guess life is unfair.You wont get everything you want.I hope Lea will find a guy like Cory too.Stay strong Lea.I know it is not easy to lost your loved ones.So that is all i have to say.

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