Friday, 5 July 2013

Low Self-Esteem

Hi there everyone.So sorry i was so busy with my exams.Just finished my exams.I had my last paper just now.It was Maths and Physics.The question was damn tricky.I had a hard time choosing which answer was right.I think i am going to do bad for my exams.What a shame! I promise to buck up and pass with flying colours.

As you can see the above,today i am talking about low self-esteem.To be honest,i have low self-esteem since i was born.I am always alone and don't interact with people that much.Even now,i still do that.I had a hard time making friends when i was younger.I did not have friends.I am a loner.Whenever someone talked to me,what i gave was a one answer.Some of them even thought i was arrogant.I feel sad for that.

I know that i have to do something.To be honest,i am not that pretty.I am not happy about my body size.My friends told me i just need to lose a bit as my body size is not that big.I just have a big thigh and flabby stomach.I am actually trying to lose weight but my family says i still look the same.It is very saddening when they said that.I always think that why i am born like this.

But i have got fair skin and big eyes.Okay not that big,but nice.When i was born,my skin was fair.I looked like a japanese doll with my fringe on the front.Hehe.I still looked fair but my skin is tanned due to my school and CCA activities.I will get back my fair skin when i am not involved in activities that required to be in the hot sun.

It is actually very hard for me to live in this world.Sometimes i feel left-out.I feel that society is really sick in the head.Even some boys,they are also sick in the mind.They look for pretty girls which is skinny and have thigh gap.Do not be angry,I said some not all.So don't get angry unnecessarily. They said that they just want a normal girl.Thigh gap and skinny girls are a turn off.Oh whatever!Guys,don't just say,do it.Prove it!

When i am at school,i am always the happy one and always jokes around.To be honest,it is the other way round.My friends said that i am happy-go-lucky one and always cheerful.I am not the kind of emotional person.But actually,there is a lot of things i am going through.

What i just wish for is to lead a happy life and follow my dreams to be a baker and have a shop of my own at London.i just want a guy to love me just the way i am.I do not have to change just to get a guy.To be honest,i am not interested in having relationship.I just want to be single and be friends with everyone.Trust me,someday you will walked past my shop called DYLA'S DELIGHT.

That is all for today! I have to go! Bye! ;)

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