Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Its been a long time since i updated this blog.I am actually looking for a part time job since the school holiday has already started.I have applied a lot and one have called.But too bad,my parents won't let me work at the hotel :(

So i have decided to just rot at home,doing nothing.I am just going to eat and sleep.
I really don't know what topic to talk about.I really need some ideas.Actually,i am feeling quite sad.
That is why,i rely on my blog to let out all my feelings.
I guess not many people read my blog.So those who have been reading my blog,thank you very much and i appreciate it.

So speaking about school holidays,as you know,i am 16 this year.We are having Graduation Night aka Prom Night.To me,it is a not a Prom Night.We are not dancing,date or dressing up like royal princess!
For god sake,its Graduation Night,a night where we meet our friends for the last time and cherish the moments we had.That is all.
But i am not going anyway.I would be outcast anyway.To be honest,I am not a person who socialize well.I tend to be alone.That sounds like a loner,hah!

Well,i do not have the self-esteem and confidence in me.The level of confidence is ultimately super extremely 100% low. Woah,that's bad!
And we had to dressed up a bit. I do not like wearing dress and skirts.
Apart from school,i always wear jeans.ALL THE TIME!
i emphasize that,ALL THE TIME. heh :)

It's weird that i can dressed up people well an choose outfits for them,but not for myself.
I tend to wear the same thing or dressed up in a simple way.
I do not have the sense of fashion okay! Do not laugh at me!
One more thing,i am not into make-up and stuffs.
I do not wear make-up,lipstick,eyeliner or whatever whenever i go out.
I just don't know why.It's just me and my face.

Maybe i am not into these stuffs yet.Maybe it is not the right time yet.
And i am not into having relationship!EEEERRRR.
Who likes me anyway?
I look like a POTATO walking around the streets.HAHA
If you would see me in real,you would be shocked to find this blogger is UGLLYYY!
HAHHA! yeah.that is all i have to say!
Got to go! Will write in more soon!
BYE! Here's a video for you to watch.

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