Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Hi babes and dudes! Haha
I am here back with another topic.
I guess all of you reading this loves music a lot.

I really love to listen to music.And i love to sing too.
In fact i sing everyday.
When there is new song that comes out and i like it,i will definitely memorize the lyrics.
I memorize lyrics really fast.Well i listen to the song almost every minute and Bamm.
Well there is many types of music. 
We all here got their own opinions and choices of music.Its up to them.

As for me I love Hip Hop,Pop and some of the oldies.
I just finished memorizing the song "You are the one that i want" by Grease.
The song is so awesome.I literally sang the whole song myself.

Actually i have always been wanting to perform at school or somewhere.
But nahhh my voice,URGH
If you all hear it,maybe i sound like a dying whale.
Maybe i am not born to have a good voice.
Yeah currently i am hearing the song "Bills,Bills,Bills" by Destiny Child
I am trying to memorize the lyrics because the pace is so fast.
Omg,i have to catch my breath when i am singing the song.

oh and oh,i want to perform acapella with my friends.
I can like harmonize well in the background vocal.
yeah so that is all i have to say.
I am really so stressed so i do not really have the time to write.
I guess that all.Bye!

Here is a song for you to listen.

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