Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hi there everyone.How ya doing so far in 2014??
Was it fun,boring?? 
Yeah,to be honest i am not having a good time in the year of 2014.Everything makes me feel so angry.I don't know but i think i have gotten into level depression.DONT MISUNDERSTOOD ME,I don't CUT. see that i don't.
I do not why this year i am always getting angry for no reason.I do not like this. i want to go back to the old me where i do not get angry and feeling happy-go-lucky all the time.
Well i just got scolded by my parents for "voicing out my opinions" 
What is life.They asked me for my opinions and all i got back is scolding.They start comparing to the olden days and now. I really don't understand why my parents always want their generation to be the same as now.They need to realize that time has pass on.Things have changed.
Even the value of money has changed.Its getting higher and higher every century.
In terms of behaviour,yes i know they want to our behaviour to be as good as them.but you know what the parents,teachers,peers is putting the pressure on us.They expect us to achieve everything in one shot.
Yeah now in school,i am so lonely.I feel that my friends are moving apart from me each day.I talked to them and they start saying they are busy but when i see in twitter,they are having a "GREAT" conversation with their new friends.I remembered last time when i say to them "Please don't forget me when you have new friends" and they go on saying "Of course i won't! I won't forget you!"
See the point now.You know sometimes i have the urge to just jump down from the building or starved myself.I just don't know what to do with my life.
I feel that life chosen me.I have dreams and hopes i want to achieve but seeing the situation like that is not going to work.
I have no one to talk to.My school counselor is definitely not going to help me solve my problems.They make things worst by informing my parents,teacher and everybody. What is the use of telling my problems to a is meant to be private.Such a waste of time.
I guess that my life is ruined.Everything is ruined. Help me get out of this situation because it is getting teared inside. I can break down anytime soon.
So i have been listening to Bon Jovi songs lately and Bon Jovi has helped me cool down abit.Yeah so here is a song for ya all to listen if u are feeling angry.
Gotta go! Bye!! ENJOY LISTENING TO IT! (those who have not listen to it,feel free to listen to it) 

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