Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hey there people! Oh my gosh,school is opened tomorrow.I cannot believe it.Actually it has officially started school for the graduating classes but because of the haze PSI was getting higher,so they cancelled.To be honest,i have done all my homework but i did not any revision for my Prelim phase 2.

School.What is a school?school is an institution designed for the teaching of students  under the direction of teachers.I guess school is hell as we are all controlled by teachers.i was just kidding.haha.

Sometimes i feel that school is both good and boring.It all depends on the subject that we like it or not.Also it depends on the teacher too.Some teachers are forever the happy-go-lucky one which closes one eye in everything the students do and their lessons are fun too.Some teachers are really very kind but some are really in sick in the head.I do not understand why teachers are like that and like this.

Some teachers are kind and understanding.Whenever we do not understand something well although it;s being teach and emphasize a few times,they still understand that we students is not 100 percent smart.But some teachers,omg seriously they are sick in the head.They expect us to understand everything they teach at once.They need to know that not all students are faster learner.

I am a faster learner but i will forgot if i do not revise it once or twice a week.It is very complicated being a student but at the same time it has its advantages.But i feel that school is the most important place for you to gain knowledge and learn new things.It is also not easy for teachers to teach us.

Some students are also sick in the butt.They think they know everything.They will try to make up something in order to get attention.To be honest,i think they do not have any attention at home.That is why they need to change their freaking attitude.

This also can caused the whole class be affected.When one student gets into trouble,the whole class gets scolded.All for one,one for all.What kind of bullshit is this??It is not unfair for the other students.So that is why students do not like to go to school because of this.

Another thing is the girls and boys who think they are the prince and princesses at school.They think that what ever they say,people will listen to them.That is also another thing why students do not like to go school.

But at the same time,if there would not have this kind of people in our would be boring and dull.There would be no challenging problems to solves and obstacles to go through.Although it makes our life a bit miserable,in the end,you know you can handle these kind of people in the future.

So that is all for today.I will try to make my time to update my blog tomorrow! Bye! ADIOS AMIGOS!

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