Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hey there everyone! Time check it's 5:03pm.So today i update a bit later.I was having some spring cleaning in the house.Today's we will talking about---> Travelling
A lot of you out there really want to travel around the world.

Travelling around the world is the most exciting experience.I have always wanted to travel around the world with my friends or maybe alone.I just want to get out of my country.I am just sick and tired doing the same old routine.I want to explore around the world.

Travelling has its advantages and disadvantages.Okay let's start with the good first.The advantages are you get to learn different types of culture and tradition in the country itself.The best part is the food.You get to taste thousands different types of food which is spicy,sour,sweet and bitter.You will also get to interact with new people.You can also learn their language.By doing this,a lot of things you have gained.

The disadvantages are you need money to travel.There is a lot to pay.For example the flight tickets,the hotel,the food,the clothes and many more.You need to have a large amount of money in order to travel.It is not easy to get money.You have to earn it.

People has different opinions about travelling.i love to travel.Someday i want to travel around the world with my loved ones.I have a lot of people have used travelling as their hobby.Every year,they will go different countries to explore around.If you are not the type of backpacker person,be prepare,you need a large amount of money.Backpackers are usually on a form of low cost,independent international travelling.They will travel on their own without any guide.They will stay at a small cottage or a motel.They love travelling on their own.

So what is your opinion of travelling? Everybody has their own opinion.So if u have anything to say,comment below.Bye! :)

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