Monday, 17 June 2013

Siblings Rivalry

Hi there! i am writing again.Okay time check it's 10:13am.Woah i usually up at around 11 to 12.bad isn't it.But it's not only me,ya know! You guys out there do that to right??!! hahah okay i was just kidding.Okay today topic---> Sibling Rivalry.
Okay,i guess a lot of you out there will have a fight with your siblings sometimes.I do and we fight several times.Me and my sister are always fighting.Our age are like 7 years apart.That's quite far uh! 
For me,we will always fight because i feel that mum always gives her more attention to my sister than me.Sometimes i feel that i can only rely on my close friends.But family will always be there for you.You can't trust your friend really well.You can lose friends,love of your life(boyfriend?girlfriend? DUH!) and others but if you lose your family,trust me,your world will fall apart.
Some of you out there,if u have no siblings,i guess you have a boring life!okay no offence but yeah.I have been that for 7 years.I have been talking and playing alone.No one to talk to.But the good thing about being only child,you get almost everything that you want.Gadgets,clothes and more stuffs.
I have always wanted older brother or sister.Someone i can rely on.Being the eldest,I have to do everything myself. i have to do my sister stuff too! Like washing my shoe and hers too.I do not know why is her shoe so dirty and i have to scrub it off to make clean ad white.!UGHH!
This is unfair! But sometimes,it's a good thing too.As my sister is the youngest,i will always ask her to take stuffs like the tissue box,stool,books and more.She will grumble and say why must she do it.Then i will say that because you are the youngest and you have to follow instructions from the eldest.HAHAHA that is funny.
Siblings will always fight and play together.If there is no fights in between,life would be boring and we would not learn from our mistake.Siblings will also share good's nice to have good memories together as it helps to bond with each other.People out there,i hope you like about this sibling rivalry topic.If you have any tips or problems to say.Comment below and i will reply! BYE! :)

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