Sunday, 16 June 2013

Two-faced people

Hi everyone.i created this blog because i was feeling very upset.I am actually upset with two-faced people.Okay,everyone is two-faced include me.But i will only do that when the person deserved it.In this world,everything has changed.The society really is the "spoiler".Everywhere you go,people will judge.Sometimes i feel that it's not worth living anymore and sometimes i feel like running away without turning back.I made this blog so that i can express my feelings.I do not have anyone to express to.In fact,when i try to express something,i will end up getting scolded or being teased.To me,i do not really believe in getting a boyfriend and then express all your feelings or whatever.NO! I am more to being alone.Okay,some people do not like being alone.It's their opinion,we can't force them.Sometimes i envy people who are "perfect". I know that We are not perfect,but we can try to make all perfect.I have no idea what am I in the future later on.sighhh
I guess being alone is not that good.Okay back to two-faced people......
Two-faced.....hmmm i guess it's people with two faces,one bad and one "good".I put this " because two faced people are mainly the bad ones.They will try to be nice to you to take advantage and then at the back,they teased and talked bad about you.I am sick and tired of two-faced people.What did i do wrong that they wanted to use me??? Anybody feels that?And the worse thing is,the two-faced person will get reward while you are being teased or whatever.This is really unfair! I have made a mistake by trusting my "friend".
I remember her saying "I promise i will help you." Reality really ruined my life.She lef me alone and start talking bad about me.I could not concentrate on my studies as i was alone and had nobody to talk to.I would feel sad and scared whenever i stepped into the school.My life in misery when i stepped into the school.I did not do really well.I went into a normal neighbourhood school.My parents was disappointed especially my mum.She kept comparing me to my cousins and other student.The worse was my cousins! The next year,my cousin took the same exam and he scored really well.My self-esteem was really low.My aggregate was the lowest among my cousins.At first i felt nothing.It's not my fault.I tried to tell them what had happened but it was a failure.I got scolded and they pressurize me.Now my sister is in primary 3.In 3 years time,she'll be taking the same exam.She just got back her results,she got 4th in class.Mum was happy.She bought my sister a lot of things the next day.I told my mum if she had bought any for me.She just kept quiet and went into her room.I feel like crying out loud.My hatred towards my sister was increasing.I felt like a fire burning in my heart.i remember when my mum said to the family."I love my children and my love for them is equal". I remember the words that she say.You're kidding me right,mum. 
Now things have changed,Modern and technology have changed people.In fact,i am using technology to type these words.So i guess i have to end here.I have more stories coming up soon.So Bye! i hope you liked it.Comment below if u have anything to say. :)

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