Monday, 24 June 2013


Hi there everyone! Time check 12:32pm.It has been two days i did not update my blog.I have been going out with my family and has some gathering session with my cousins. 
So today's topic--->Vampire

So talking about vampire.Some of you may think it does or does not exist.Some of you may even want to be a vampire.As you know that vampire does not age and lives forever.They don't need food,water,sleep and air.The just drink blood in order to get their strength.

I am not sure about their power and strength.They all had their own power and strength.They too have their weakness.They can't have everything at once.To be honest,i do watch the twilight series.When i first watched it,i felt that it's cool to be a vampire but when times come,you do not get to enjoy what humans have.

Although they have almost everything,they can't really enjoy what human have.They need to control their thirst of wanting to drink the human blood.When they are in the sun,their appearance changed.I am not really sure whether the twilight series is real or not. Stephenie Meyer told that i was just some imagination that she created herself.

Some of you may think that reading the book is better than watching the movie or the other way round.I prefer both.I read and watch to compare both.Vampire are always pale and cold.No matter what activities they do or how fast they run,no sweat would come out.

What i was thinking that,i think all of us are vampire.Your body needs blood.If your body does not have enough blood,you would die.Ironic isn't it. I just realized that when i was learning some first aid skills,they said when the blood is flowing out very quickly.

I am not sure why i am into vampire stuffs.I went to the website to search any strange ways humans behaving like a vampire.This is the link--->
I have check it out and i almost have all the traits and the behaviour.I did not say all,ALMOST :)
Yeah,i have tried asking some people and they told me maybe i was a vampire in the past or my familes in the past are one.Hahah nahh i just want a simple life.Just me and my family.

So that's all i have to write for today! If u hav any comments,just comment below :) gotta go! Byeeee( in a soft voice)

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