Friday, 28 June 2013

Mother's Love

Hi there.Actually for today,i want to talk about ---> Mother's love
I know many of you out there love your mother.Mother's love is the most powerful thing that you can get.Friends love or your love of your life is nothing compared to mother's love.

Whenever you have problems in school,life and more,your mother is always there for you.We must realize that our mother has put a lot through us just to make us happy and satisfied.Our mother is the most important person in our lives.They are the reason why we live now.

When the first time,they know when they are pregnant,their hearts fill with joy.They have to carry you everywhere inside her body.And it;s not easy to move around with that huge stomach on their body.They have to bear the pain for nine months.During the nine months,they make sure their child is being taken care properly.They also make sure you are healthy.

And when the time comes,they need to go through another more pain when they are giving birth.It is not easy to give birth.Some mother may even die as they lose a lot of blood when they give birth.We need to appreciate what our mother has sacrifice for us.

These days,teenagers do not spend with their mother.They feel it's very embarrassed when they go out with their families.They prefer going out with friends.As for me,although going out friends will not restricted you from doing anything or saying some bad word,i feel going out with families is better.You know why,because parents have the money!

Whenever i ask for something,they will buy provided i do well for my exams or do something for them.I am not saying that when i am with my parents,i want to ask them for money and be independent on them.I just feel that when i am with my families,i can bond with them and can learn new things from them.

i admit that sometimes i will be not listening to her.i will be upset with her.I was so upset with her that my voice raised higher a bit.I regret what i did to my mother.I realize now that our mother has do a lot of things for us.Whenever she wants something,i will make sure she get what you want.

I know this is a sensitive question for some of you out there.Some of you does not have a mother.Let me tell you that whoever who takes care,love them as if the person is your mum or dad.Doing simple things also can make them happy.You do not need to spend a lot of money just to make them happy.Just make something which is sweet and simple.

Just remember,appreciate your mother.Love your mother as much as you love yourself.
Okay that is all for today.Bye!

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