Friday, 21 June 2013


Hi guys! Time check its 1:53pm.I am so sorry if i did update my blog yesterday.I was busy studying and completing my assignments.Today's topic--->Love

I have not experienced love yet.But i know love can be with your family,friends and love of your life.
Is love precious or poisonous? Different people has their own opinion.Everybody needs some love or not their would be incomplete.As for me,i think it's not the right time to be in love with someone.I am still young.I still want to explore what ever that i have not discovered yet.I need to learn more new things.

But at the same time,it's not wrong to be in love with someone,provided that you and your partner need to be sincere when you are in a relationship.I know it's not easy to maintain a healthy relationship because many obstacles and challenges are all around.A lot of people dreamed of true love in fantasy world.I don't think having a fantasy world would not be fun and challenging.Sometimes by arguing with your partner,you or your partner what are the strengths and weaknesses.

There is a lot of couples out there whom has  successfully created a long and happy marriage.They have kids.They bring their kids to places.Growing up every second,minute and hour with their kids.
There is nothing wrong to be in love.One thing,we also can't force people to be in love.Love comes naturally.In the olden days,people do not believe in love.Parents tend to find their child a partner.Some of them did not before.Not even once.They will only know when they get married.That's quite scary.

Those who reading this if you have experienced love,maybe it's a blessing for you.Those who have not like me,we will just wait for your prince charming or beautiful princess out there.Love is also not about the looks and appearance.Love is blind.People love because of their partner's pure and kind heart.Some couples both have the good looks.Maybe it's a bonus for them.No matter how and what you look,you are still a human.Remember that,don't stop believing in yourself.

Okay,That's all for today.I'll be updating more again tomorrow.Bye! Comment below if you have anything! 

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