Thursday, 20 June 2013

What if toys could talk?

Imagine in a rainy and dark night,Black clouds loomed over the horizon. Lightning flashed, followed by thunderous roars.The door was creaking and the wind was howling.Then in a sudden,your teddy bear appeared in front of you asking "Can i cuddle with you?" 

What would you react?Would you say Yes? or freak out?or have a tight slap on your face?

At first you will be freak out,but after that you realize that talking to a soft toys is better than talking to humans out there.You could share your problems and when the times you realized your "True" friends is really sincere or not to be friends with you.Maybe your toys would also have tips and may help you to solve problems.

I have a toy with me since i was born on the earth.Sometimes i wished he would talk to me.We would be making jokes.Maybe if he is too dumb,i would hit him and say "You little fool!" But i know it would be impossible to have that.Toys are meant to be stationary and it is a non-living thing.

But sometimes toys can be scary.Sometimes,you would watch horror movies that include the toys as the characters.For example,Chucky! That is the scariest movie that i have ever watch.I even had a nightmare on the night itself.I dreamt that my toys could talk and they planned to kill me.It was so scary that i almost died out of fright.From then on,i would not dare to watch Chucky again.

Yeah,So in your opinion.Do you prefer them talking to you or just stay stationary?For me i prefer actually the toy talking to me but in a good way and i only wanted certain toys that can talk to me.Maybe the toys have some magic powers that can give anything you want.Haha that sounds like aladdin and the lamp.If they did,i would ask for my family to be happy or score well for my national and more.That would be great if it is true

Okay i guess i will end here.Guys,you can continue your imagination but not for too long.Remember it's reality not fantasy.If fantasy does exist,tell me as soon as possible.So,if u have anything to tell,comment below and i will reply :)

Bye! Adios! 

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