Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hi everyone! I am writing again today.Okay,time check it's 2:16pm.
The weather is very hazy outside.I can't even go out.Whenever i try to go out,i will have breathing difficulty.This is not good.The PSI is increasing.I heard that Indonesia's PSI is 312.That is really hazardous and really unhealthy.And they are closing down school! Omg so good!
Okay today i start off with the topic--->Ambitions
I guess a lot of you out there have dreams and ambitions to become somebody.
Ambition,what is ambitions? They are something that you really want to achieve whether now or the future.Ambitions does not mean that you want to be a doctor,teacher or whatever.Ambitions can be something you want to achieve now like having straight As for your national exams or you want to make someone happy by showering love and care towards that person.
Having ambitions is important.It shows you have a vision for yourself.But before achieving your ambitions,you have to do a lot of things!Some of them are not easy.There are challenges and obstacles along the way.You cannot expect to be someone or somebody just like that.You have to work hard towards that goal.
For example if you want to be a teacher,a science teacher.From the start when you are in the lower level of education,you need to have good grades for all your subjects especially Science.As you level up to the next education,you get to choose what course or subjects do you like.So at that point,you'll pick Science.From that on,you have to start learning new things and improve your knowledge on science.You have to do your assignments given and make sure your assignment is in tip-top condition,no sloppy work.It's very easy.You just have to do your work and constantly ask questions when in doubt.Then the last level of education that determines whether you will be a teacher or not which is the university.
University? It's a place where you received your higher level of education.It also determines whether you are qualified to be someone or somebody.
So when you are in university,do the best you can and you'll achieve of being a science teacher.Well it is not easy also to get into universities.Some universities priorities those who have higher and good grades.For example a scenario where two girls wanted to apply the same university.The first girl got a GPA of 3.90 and the other one got 3.88.So they applied and wait for the reply.The girl with the higher GPA will get in even though it is just 0.2 points away.The standards of university is getting higher.
Yeah,so i know you people out there have ambitions and you really want to achive it!
Tell you what! i believe in you and i know you can do it!
Okay that's all for today! Comment anything you want below if u have any doubts! :)
So! BYE! have a nice day everyone! Remember there's haze outside! Stay home if you do not want to get sick!

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